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We have been MOT testing cars in Wargrave for over a decade. With our dedicated MOT bay we can test up to 9 vehicles a day.

We can test all Class 4 vehicles and offer an MOT while you wait option. We also have the facility to test Class 7 vehicles via our sister company Woodley Auto Centre

MOT Cars & Vans

MOT CLASS 4 vehicles:
Cars, Taxis, Minibuses and Ambulances up to 12 seats, Motor Caravans and Dual Purpose Vehicles.

MOT CLASS 7 vehicles:
Light Goods Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and Minibuses up to 16 seats

MOTs at Wargrave Auto Centre

We offer a free collection and delivery service in the Wargrave area, subject to availablility

Contact Wargrave Auto Centre on 0118 940 2206 and book an MOT at our testing centre.

Opening Hours:

8am till 5.30pm weekdays
8am till 12 noon on the 1st and 3rd Saturday in the Month

For a friendly genuine service why not call in today.

When is an MOT required

The first MOT test for a vehicle is required when itís three years old, after that it will require one every 12 months. There are different rules if itís used as a taxi.

When is my MOT due

If you can't find your MOT certificate and we tested it last time then give us a ring and we will be able to tell you when its due. If we didnít then you can check it by visiting VOSA's website where you can check a vehicle MOT status and history.

You will need to enter your cars registration number and the document reference number from the cars V5C registration certificate

MOT prices

The current standard charge rate for an MOT is £54.85
This price is set by The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)

SAVE £20 on your MOT

When combined with an Interim or Full Service.

Combining an MOT and Service not only saves you money... but also the inconvenience of requiring a seperate booking, when sometimes the time difference is only a few months

Honest MOTs at Wargrave Auto Centre

The VOSA charge is intended as a fair price for the time required to fully test a vehicle to the recommended standard. If this cost is reduced then unless the test is being carried out in a shorter time than advised, any garage would be carrying out this service with little or no profit. From our experience and customer feedback, discount MOTs can result in an overly expensive bill and often work carried out is unecessary. We believe that charging honestly for our time means that we are not relying on finding profit from repairs.

Following your MOT test there is no obligation to have any possible repairs carried out by Wargrave Auto Centre, you are free to take the vehicle elsewhere. Any car failing an MOT must be re-tested within 10 working days or the law states a full test is required. There is also a re-test fee required when repairs have been carried out elsewhere.

Why have an MOT test ?
We have MOT tests to improve road safety by examining the main road safety and environmental features of the vehicle once a year. You are committing an offence if you use a vehicle which needs to have an MOT certificate and does not have a current or genuine certificate.

At Wargrave Auto Centre we have a computerised testing and fault diagnosis system with access to the manufactures information incorporating all the latest makes and models. With advanced bookings it is possible to arrange for us to collect and return your car to you within a 5-mile radius.

For a friendly genuine service why not call in today.


17 – 27 High Street
RG10 8 BU


0118 940 2206


Normal Hours

Monday to Friday
8.00am - 5.30pm

1st & 3rd Saturday
of the month
8.00am - 12.00pm