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New Car Under Warranty


The 0ffice of Fair Trading has ruled that it can no longer be a condition of warranty on new vehicles that those cars have to be serviced at a franchised dealership. When services are carried out in accordance with manufacturers service schedule the manufacturer will honour any warranty issues.

All this delivered to you the customer, with a saving of up to 30% against the main dealer price.

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Use independents for servicing says ‘What Car?’
Having your car serviced at independent garages instead of a franchised dealer is a good way to save money, according to motorists’ magazine, ‘What Car?’

Research carried out by What Car? magazine reveals that owners who have their cars serviced by independent garages will save, on average, over £50 compared to the same service from a franchised dealer.

Using undercover motorists, What Car? checked servicing costs at 200 garages covering cars from five of the top 10 selling manufacturers in the UK: BMW, Citroen, Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen. Servicing quotes were compared from garages in the same area with the service carried out to manufacturer recommendations and using manufacturer-approved parts.
The magazine’s research found that Citroen C3 owners would save an average of £68 using independent garages for servicing, followed by BMW 5 Series owners saving £62 on average, Volkswagen Golf owners saving £50 and Ford Mondeo owners saving an average of £49.
By contrast, owners of the Toyota RAV4 4x4 would save an average of £13 by getting their car serviced at an independent garage.

“A great many owners of new cars still think they have to have their cars serviced at a franchised dealer to keep their warranty intact,” said ‘What Car?’s group editor Steve Fowler.
“That’s not the case; as long as the independent dealer carries out the work to manufacturer recommendations using manufacturer-approved parts, the car’s warranty will still be valid. The owners will have saved themselves a few quid in the process.  There’s no doubt that having your car serviced at a franchised dealer is the easiest solution, but it’s likely to cost you more,” says Fowler.


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