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Air Conditioning, Servicing and Repairs


Your Air Conditioning system will also Clear, De-mist and Dehumidify your car and windows during the winter.

Your Air Conditioning system needs regularly Servicing.

Read what the Experts say!!

Colin Nutt, Technical Marketing Manager, Snap-on Sun Tech Systems, agrees with the need for motorists to be educated into using their systems year-round. "Most motorists are not used to air conditioning, or the operation of it and the different ways in which it is a useful feature, as much during the winter months to clear windows and stop them misting, as during hot summer days on the motorways. Many owners with air conditioning do not realise its value in dehumidifying the car. If motorists turn it off in the winter, the seals dry out, the gas escapes and when the driver comes to turn it on again in the summer, it does not work. As a result the system will require at least, a gas evacuation and recharge.
Nor do motorists realise the systems need servicing, service intervals vary in length from one to five years, so there is a very definite service requirement".

Simon Longham at VRS says: "Motorists for the most part have absolutely no idea how air conditioning works. For them it blows cold air, and that's it. They don't appreciate it is complicated and requires servicing regularly. Motorists think they can keep on running it until it stops and only then go to the garage".


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